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Who we are

Les Femmes Libres is an apparel company focused on sophisticated women who have a strong sense of style, a clear idea of what femininity means and a strength that exudes deep from within. These women are understated, but command a room; their style is pared-back yet has depth. 

To be a free woman is to be confident in yourself, your thoughts and your presence.

It is to be one of Les Femmes Libres. 

understanding your style

What's in a uniform?

Why do women look forward to getting older? Because we finally understand ourselves; and that includes how we present ourselves to the world. A "uniform" is the holy grail of personal style—it shows a woman understands who she is and how to outwardly reflect that. It shows that her strength in identity supersedes trend and outside influence. Uniforms grow and adapt with time and age. We're starting with the foundations of three styles. Browse the collections below.


Our Design

Each of our designs is inspired by the restraint of Japanese design and the no-fuss attitude of French style. 

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