Boutique Owner Shares Advice on Gifting


What inspired you to open a boutique in Walnut Creek?

I recently sold a candle store in Carmel, CA and that sale created the perfect opportunity to move close to my daughter, Sasha, and my granddaughter. After Sasha became a mother, her commute was too strenuous. She was looking for work closer to home, and I was looking for a new project. It was clear we should start something together... and Wish boutique was born! That was over five years ago and we’re still loving working together.


What makes Wish a unique store?


We really to anticipate what the customers will love, each time they visit the store. We keep the merchandise fresh, we change the displays often and we don’t keep a lot of backstock of any given product. What that means is that we carry small quantities of each item, so they feel unique to the customer and also creates some urgency around purchasing.  If someone comes a week later, we might have a store full of new things.  

We support local vendors as much as we can. Partially, we do this because they’re part of our community, but it also ensures the merchandise we carry is unique to Wish. We attend retail trade shows as often as possible, which keeps us on top of trends and know what types of things our competitors will carry.  


What’s you go-to gift giving advice?

Gifting can be a challenge. I always want the recipient to really enjoy a gift. To do that, I try to make gifts feel special which can easily be done with personalization. For instance, at Wish we sell beads that wrap around wine bottles and have a space for a note to be written, but could also be used as decoration in someone’s home. Anything with a bit of sentiment goes a long way in gift giving.


What would be a great hostess gift, besides the usual wine?

Hostess gifts are always tricking. To avoid just bringing wine, think about something the host might use the next time she is entertaining, like a platter or a funny hand towel. Something she can use, but will reminds her of you.

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