Loving Yourself Through Self Care

What made GoBeYou the forefront of your career?

I started GoBeYou because I saw the need for women to take better care of themselves on a deeper level in order to live a balanced life. My own life struggles and death of my sister made me realize that too many women have placed their personal worth on external factors and relationships, and in turn have sacrificed their true selves. With myriad factors contributing to a woman’s insecurities--weight, aging, relationships, hormones, jobs—it is important to take care of ourselves from the inside out. 

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Having worked in the Fashion industry doing makeup, how has it affected your perspective? 

I have been a makeup artist for several years and it is more than evident that real beauty comes from within. It is easy to get up every morning and look in the mirror to see a new wrinkle, or a new laugh line, but those are the imperfections that make everyone who they are. They’re like a map of everything you have been through.

Too much of our focus as women today, is on our looks. Being in the makeup industry has made me realize that you can’t create beauty by painting it on your exterior. It comes from within. You can’t stop the tide from coming in, you have to learn to swim in it.

You were proactive about a diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue. It can be difficult overcoming adversity. How has your diagnosis affected or shaped you? What have you learned from working through that?

I went through a really stressful period. There were many emotionally draining factors that made me feel so low I could barely get up off of my couch. My hair was falling out, my body ached; no matter what I did I couldn’t get myself back to feeling like my normal self. I was later diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. This is when you over exert yourself, causing your adrenal glands to fail to produce adequate quantities of hormones. 

A lot of women continue life pushing too hard and doing too much. I had to learn to slow down and realize that just because I think I can, doesn’t mean I should. I had to make changes. I adopted and tweaked many things in my own lifestyle that have in turn given me back my health and joy.

What was the inspiration behind your retreat and what can attendees expect?

I had realized I had the natural ability to lead after having attended a retreat with a fitness instructor. It made me feel good to make others feel good. How often do women take time for themselves?  My retreats involve introspection, tied in with a lot of fun, surrounded my women who inspire each other. My GoBeYou retreat is a 3-day experience at a beautiful private winery in Salem, Oregon. I lead women on what I believe is the path to a beautiful balanced life. From health coaching, to visualizations, vision building and lifestyle tweaks.  It is important to re-evaluate where you are, and where you need to adjust, in order to feel joy and peace in your life. 

I love people!  It’s nice to feel good on the inside and glow on the outside. Being able to bring my life learnings to others has been incredibly rewarding.

You mention beauty coming from the inside out. What are your tips on finding that glow?

Embracing your age. I think women get caught up in the changes that happen naturally as we get older, and those are inevitable. Consistent negative self-talk and dissatisfaction with your looks is extremely stressful to your body and certainly not an act of self-love. There are lot of ways to get out of this cycle of negativity and loving the woman you are on the inside is a good place to start. 

Be seekers, risk takers, create community, give back, spread love, so that our main focus becomes about who we are rather than how we look. 

 Everything I believe in and attempt to share is about loving yourself through self-care. “A joyful life is the best cosmetic.”


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