The Miles Method: Staying Motivated

How did fitness and beauty come to the forefront of your life?

I went through a long period of uncertainty, doubt and a bit of depression. I found that when things appeared that brought negativity into my life, the best thing I could do was not allow myself to fall into those things and obsess. Instead, I got up, got going, and got motivated. That's when I found fitness.

I always say: move, build positive surroundings for yourself, and most importantly find something that brings you passion.

 What is the Miles Method

The Miles Method is my way of living life through fitness, health, beauty, self-care and experiences. These things bring me happiness, and help create a positive lifestyle for myself, where I consistently learn what works best for me, what doesn’t, and where I need to grow.

The Miles Method is constantly evolving, which is something that we all need to realize: no matter what age, you are constantly evolving, you just want to make sure you're becoming a better you. 

As a woman who has great skin, do you have any insecurities about aging and how do you overcome them? 

Aging is inevitable, but there is a fine line between aging gracefully and letting yourself go. I am in no way trying to turn back the hands of time, but I do believe in taking advantage of whatever medical grade facials, serums, non-invasive procedures are available—whatever it takes for me to feel comfortable in my own skin.

What motivates you to get into the gym or to go workout? 

I have been in a routine of being consistently active for long enough that it is just habit for me, however that habit goes back to not letting myself go. Looking in the mirror every day and feeling positive about what I see is motivation enough for me to maintain good health.

Staying active and maintaining a healthy diet is something of emphasis in today’s world. What's your daily routine in regards to staying healthy?

In conjunction with being active, I try my best to maintain a diet by avoiding white flour, white sugar, and I don’t drink my calories; although I do treat myself sometimes. I work out in the mornings, and I work with a trainer twice a week in the afternoons, which always provides a little extra oomph to my workouts!

What are a few beauty tips that you feel are important to follow?

Hydration is most important; it reflects directly in the complexion of your skin! Secondly, don’t skimp on eye cream, and don’t forget your neck and décolletage in your skincare regimen.

Most of all, do whatever makes you happy – regardless of what anyone else thinks.

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