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Working in business the majority of your life, how did you get into fashion?

As a child I was always playing with fabric--on anything from clothes to curtains. I was fascinated with the structure and construction of clothing, where the buttons were placed, the stitching, everything.

I studied general business in school, and always worked in a corporate world. When I had my daughters I found myself making their clothes, and I ended up actually designing and constructing one of their wedding dresses. I wish I had gone into fashion sooner. I realize now it was a passion of mine from day one.

How would you describe your style?

My style is classic yet eclectic. I’ll wear timeless pieces as the base of an outfit, but add something to make it edgier. And I’m a total jacket and shoe girl! I don’t wear a ton of jewelry--rarely earrings--so a jacket that has a lot of character is my main accessory.

What pieces are essential to a woman’s wardrobe?

The classics are important. A good leather jacket, a turtleneck, and a good pair of slacks or jeans… or at least a good pair of pants. Combine those three items together and you automatically have an a timeless and cool outfit. Just add shoes.

How would you style a white button-up tunic?

First, I love pairing white with beige or chestnut.

If the tunic is buttoned closed--I’ll wear a beige or chestnut slim pant, with statement jewelry. A chunky necklace, a statement bracelet, finishing off the outfit with a great pump.

If the tunic is unbuttoned--definitely layered with a camisole, adding a scarf for an accessory with a flat shoe. With a more casual look like this, it can be fun to add some statement jewelry like a bracelet or a cocktail ring.

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