The disconnect.

We found that at a pretty early age (around 50) women start getting shuffled into a “shapeless neutrals” category of clothing. No longer are brands considering them for the latest trend or the tailored fit, but instead the kaftan becomes a prominent feature in advertising.We don’t understand this phenomenon. Women with a sophisticated and classic style are left with two main options: resign to a new and unexciting wardrobe or shop with brands who aren’t interested in them.

A recent study in the UK showed 72% of women over the age 55 feel their favorite retailers no longer care about nor understand their needs. We call this the big disconnect.

We’re filling the gap left by these companies. We’re making cool, timeless apparel and keeping our core customer (who isn’t 22 years old) in mind the entire time. We’re getting inspiration from real women who have no plans to retire, are traveling the world, are dating after marriage, and who are making big changes in their communities. We’re interviewing these and sharing and celebrating their stories.

These are the women we learn from and aspire to be. 

The fabric.  

Our cottons are 100% organic and GOTS certified, and our stretch ponte di roma is knit in one of the last remaining US textile mills. We source organic linen and lightweight cotton from the best Japanese suppliers and follow eco-friendly dyeing practices with our dye houses in LA.  The environmental impact of our textile decisions is top-of-mind. We spend a great deal of time handpicking our fabrics, testing them in-house and vetting our suppliers.

We think of the existing and potential fabric concerns and source textiles which avoid those issues. We source our wovens from the same mills as your favorite Italian and French designers, except we’re keenly focused on reducing waste and toxins.

It’s more time consuming and more expensive to source the fabrics we use, but we’re committed to being part of the solution in the apparel industry, not the problem. 

The fit. 

We’re not obsessed with age (in fact, we prefer not to keep track) but we are all about embracing and loving our bodies as they change with different phases of life.

 As we get older our bodies do shift and change, but most designers keep designing for the physique of the youth. Even if most us are able to fit in clothes designed for college-aged women, why should we have to?

The majority of women in their late 40s and older say they have no problem with finding their size, but it’s the perfect fit they can’t seem to locate.

We’re not reinventing the wheel. It’s not rocket science. We’re simply using our actual customers to fit our clothing—which means women who are mothers, who work, who are active, who live full and interesting lives. And we’re listening to each and every suggestion that comes our way and taking them each into consideration. Through this process we feel confident we’re able to deliver the highest quality final garment.